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Workshops & Events

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Star Cluster

Your Own Creative Spirit


As children, we're all in touch with our Creative Spirit naturally; we play, we imagine, we invent stories and we act them out. We collaborate with our friends, anything is possible! But as we grow up, we tend to put our creativity aside in order to please others, live up to our responsibilities and expectations.

Best Life Vision Quest

We usually feel that we're living our best life when we're living in harmony with our true self. Not sure who that is? The demands of an adult life often lead us to forget who we are inside in order to please others. Please join me for this Yoga Nidra & Artful Play workshop to find out who you are again!

Connect to your Spirituality


Whether you're deeply familiar with or have never met your own Higher Power, we could all use a little time spent in Spirit's loving presence. Please join me for this Yoga Nidra & Artful Play workshop that will bring you into closer connection with whatever a Higher Power means for you.